Sysprep Windows 7 Download

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Sysprep Windows 7 Download

Download the file at the end of this page.

In default Windows-installation scenarios, Windows Setup creates two hard-disk partitions: System partition that stores the boot manager and other related data.

OrgName Insert the name of your organization g.

Use the product key from your Windows CD.

By default, the opk is installed to the C: Program Files Windows opk directory.

Cab files from the XP cd into the c: sysperp i386 directory and then set InstallFilesPath c: sysprep i386.

You can now use the same image to do Dells, Compaqs, etc.

To run Sysprep, on a a computer that has been running in production for extended period of time, then create a new image or clone from the computer.

It will just reload the image on the same computer.

This can be a tremendous time saver.

The manufacturing environment varies from company to company.

Copy the sysprep folder you have downloaded and paste it in the c: drive root directory so that you can see c: sysprep 5.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this system as the file is very large and the computer would need to have a dvd drive.

Do a disk cleanup and defragment the hard drive.

Run Sysprep on the copy so that you will be able to update the Master Drive in the future without having to start all over with a fresh install.

Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) command-line tool ().

Sysprep Windows 7 Download

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